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What Is This Wizardry?

Does this sound like you?

If you answer YES to any of the above. Then you 100% need to join the Email Marketing Wizardry Programme!

The Magical Journey to Email Marketing Success

The programme is split into 6 modules. We cover different parts of email marketing to ensure you’re fully prepared when it comes to email marketing. 

This is the only programme you’ll get hand held through the tech process! 

Bonus – you have full access to all content after the programme

Module 1

Picking Your Platforms

Don’t worry about what platform to use, I’ll make sure that you know which one is perfect for you. Both paid and free versions discussed. It will be different for everyone and I’ll make sure throughout the course to show you how to use your platform

Module 2

Email Writing

The basics of Email Writing will be taught by our amazing guest experts who have years of experience in email marketing and a new look on email writing. You’ll know what to do and even write your first email or newsletter! ​

Module 3

Sign Up Forms & Landing Pages

Putting sign up forms on your landing pages, social media etc is a scary step to take. Website developers can take forever to sort this out for you. Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how to do it so that you can create more and more as you grow.

Module 4

Email Templates

When it comes to the design side of your emails, I’ll show you how to create templates that you can keep re-using depending on the purpose of the email. From simple emails to newsletters – it will be covered.

Module 5

Personalised Funnels & Automations

This is all about having automated email sequences setup so that customers go into the right sequence for them. If they purchase product X you may want them to get different emails to product Y or Z. This isn’t just product based. It will all be covered.

Module 6

Tagging & Segmenting

Don’t be scared of these terms. I’ll explain them in a way that is easily understandable and you’ll wonder what you ever did before you knew about them. Tagging and segmenting is key to making sure that your email marketing is amazing!

Hear It From Previous Wizards

Mark Dickens – Element Safety Ltd

Nicky Williams – Social Media Simplified

“After being in business for many years, I thought I knew enough to get by with email marketing – how wrong was I?!

The Email Marketing Wizardry is AMAZING with an extra ZING!

Seriously, this is an insane programme! I have never seen anything like it before! 

I feel so lucky to now be in a position that Email Marketing is no longer a mystery to me, to feel in control of my in and outbox and to be taught by someone who not only has a mountain of knowledge but also a way of teaching that makes it seem simple and we go away empowered.”

Natasha McCann – Admin Experts

Laura explains email marketing simply and makes it a joy to understand. Laura guides you through the more challenging tasks and holds your hand when you need her to.

Email Marketing Wizardry is suited to beginners and experienced emailers because Laura teaches you something every day and is full of advice during her live sessions.

The group is a great way for getting support and feedback and from the rest of the ‘wizards’ too. It goes at a steady bite sized pace and you can catch up if you fall behind.”

Phyllis Woodfine – Woodfine Osteopathy & Coaching

How Will It Work?

Who is Delivering the Programme?

Meet Laura Burnett

Meet the Hermione Granger of Tech!

Laura has an amazing unique brain that has enabled her to help online business owners to start using technology in their business and automate processes.

She has used practically every single email marketing system currently available and wants to make sure business owners aren’t scared of technology and start using it for email marketing. 

She’s worked with customers with lists of 50 subscribers all the way up to 200,000 subscribers! This has given her a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to anyone who wants to get started with email marketing.

PS. She loves Harry Potter, maybe the title of the mastermind gives this away!

“I was fed up of seeing people telling others to use Email Marketing but never teaching them HOW! What about the tech side of things as well as all the theory?”

Take a Look Inside

But I'm a Total Beginner & No Good With Tech

I will hand hold you through this process! I promise you, no matter your level of experience. I have you covered.

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