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Is The Tech Holding You Back From Bringing Your Lead Magnet To Life?

We all know it’s important to grow an email list and to do this, you need a lead magnet. However, you still haven’t got yours into the world as you can’t do one or all of:

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Lead Magnet Magic

The magical package that will take the stage you’re at now with your lead magnet and get you over the finish line. It could be that you’ve got your actual lead magnet ready to go and you just need the opt-in page and email automation.

You might be right at the beginning and have no idea where to start. Or do you have a opt-in page or web developer but need help with the email automation?

Whatever stage you’re at. We can help.

What Types Of Lead Magnets
Could You Have?

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Usually a 3-8 page PDF that solves a problem. Such as our 7 Ways to Save 3 Hours a Week e-book.

Checklist icon


Who doesn’t love a good checklist? A simple tick list of points that are specific to one problem.

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Either LIVE or pre-recorded these are a great way to give value to your audience. Usually 30-60min in length.

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A mini-course that is short and simple, usually solving one key problem that your potential client has.

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Help your audience reach a goal by giving them small actionable steps each day, usually for 5 days.

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Facebook Groups

Themed and niched groups that help you show your audience what you can do.

Workbook Icon


Help your audience work through a problem with a printable and digital workbook that they can fill in.

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 A course with a workbook and checklist? E-book with a Masterclass etc. Mix and match to suit your needs.

There are many more different types but these are generally the main ones you’ll find

I still don't get what a lead magnet is...

Which One Is For You?

Choose a Package
Create a Custom Package

(Check the FAQ at the bottom of the page for answers to questions that might be on your mind right now or email admin@itmoon.co.uk for any questions you might have about the package that is best for you)

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Ready, Steady, Go




The Ultimate Magic




Custom Pricing

If none of the packages suit your needs, email admin@itmoon.co.uk for a custom quote

Not Sure What Package To Choose?

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Not Too Long Ago...

We Worked Our Magic For The Following Clients

Equestian Mock Up

Equestrian Checklist

Our client used The Ultimate Magic package to get their lead magnet out into the world. We jumped onto a Zoom session and came up with an idea that would suit their business.

A word document was sent with the checklist points and the rest was over to us. Our designer Tamara created an amazing 3 page PDF for the checklist and then the magic from the Wizard happened and landing page was brought to life.

Next up was Alex who created the automation and nurture emails to go with the checklist to finish off the full lead magnet setup!

Diving Guide

Having already used our Ready, Steady, Go package, it was time for it be used again for this diving mask company. 

They already had a web-developer to do the opt-in form that they wanted on various product pages and had their content ready to go. What they needed was some magic design, automation and nurture series.

The team worked together to do all the above and create an outstanding 5 page PDF guide that clients can request via our clients shop – with automation upsell emails to go with it.

Dive Sight Mock Up

But Who Does The Magic?

The Wizardry Team of IT Moon!

Landing Page Wizard

Meet Laura Burnett our landing page expert. She’s often called the Tech and Automation Queen after showing the world her skills in the area of business tech.

She uses her magical powers to design landing pages that clients love. Being a determined and addicted learner, she is constantly learning what is working and what doesn’t.

Even if you don’t know what you want… she will just know. It’s MAGIC!

Laura Burnett

Sorcerer of Design

Honestly, we don’t know how Tamara does what she does. She certainly is a Sorcerer when it comes to design.

Using the customers branding and document of content, she can create designs that you wouldn’t even have imagined before.

None of these basic template kind of stuff you see around the internet. She’ll create you something unique and out of this world to wow your clients/customers.

It really is an art!

Video Magician

When you need a video involved with your lead magnet, then you need a Ryan involved with your project.

All the ‘simple’ things… well we get told they’re simple but after lots of Youtubing we are no closer. This is where our video king comes into action.

Ryan is able to edit videos to add them extra features such as pop up images, zooms, cutting of errors and background music.

Email Wizard

No team is completed without an Alex who can write emails about anything! He’s the kind of guy who will find a way to make emails that convert.

He’s written emails that have made ££££’s and is amazing at making sure the automation runs alongside everything else. 

Plus! We all need someone to manage the projects, so expect to hear from Alex when you sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry. In ‘The Ultimate Magic’ package we will jump on a call with you to come up with an idea and then tell you what we need from you to bring it to life. 

For instance, if we decide a Masterclass would be great. Then you would go record the video and we will do the rest.

If it was a e-book, checklist etc. A simple word document with some of the content and our designer will work her magic.

You will choose during your onboarding what you would like to use. Various options are available such as your own website, Mailerlite, GrooveFunnels, Click Funnels, Lead Pages etc.

If you have no idea which one to choose, don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the choices you have.

Yes and No. It all depends on your current setup and the choices you make.

BUT there is always a free pathway. Such as using Mailerlite for both your Landing Page and Emails.

Don’t worry. We’ll explain this during your onboarding to guide you through what platforms we recommend. Both paid and free. We’ll even take care of the main setup for you.

You will be provided with a video explaining your setup and how to share your new lead magnet.

BONUS – We even through in some training videos to show you how to do any edits in the future and advice on emailing your list in the future.

All personalised to you!

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