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The Thrive Business Academy


The Thrive Business Academy is a membership is like no other out there. It’s for business owners who can’t afford to outsource the tech and need help knowing what to do BUT also need the help and guidance of a business mentor.

Me and my business partner Nicky Williams run the membership as a duo. You get help with the tech side but also the business side as well.

We have tech training, co-working sessions, business chats and so much more. Including my signature Email Marketing Wizardry programme.

Trello for Social Media

Trello for Social Media

Social media is a MUST for any business but god it can be very time consuming.

That’s why we use Trello to organise our social media posts, have a visual plan of action and most importantly for us – save our content for future use. 

This mini-course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to do this and get all the templates to do so.

Online Bookings Made Easy

Online Bookings - SM

Having an online booking system that is linked to your calendar is super duper important.

You could have a system in place that will show your availability, schedule the Zoom call, take any payments, send reminders etc.

And you can learn to do it with ease by taking this course!

Email Marketing Strategy Masterclass

Email Marketing Strategy Masterclass

Email marketing is the number one way to market your business and generate leads/sales.

However, you need an email strategy to make it work. Without one, well you might as well knock at doors instead.

This masterclass will show you how to create a strategy, provide you with email templates and flows for your automations.

I’ll even show you IT Moon’s very own strategy.

Course Setup Masterclass

Course Setup Masterclass

Getting your course out into the online world can seem hard. 

How do you record it? What tools do you need? How can you sell it? All these questions leave you confused.

This masterclass will show you exactly what to do and in what order. All you need now is an idea and then you can make it come to life.

Welcome Series Uncovered

Welcome Series_ Mockup

This mini course is all about showing you how to setup your very own Welcome Series in an email marketing system.

I show you step by step how to set the system up to be automated, how to write the emails and even show you the success of my own.

A welcome series is the backbone of any email marketing system and a must need for every single business.

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