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Laura and her sister have been helping me out with my social media. The graphics and posts are always spot on and it is just so good to know that my post for the day are sorted so that I can focus on the engagement.
Marianna Carlini
WIT Virtual
I have been using the team at IT moon for some time now. A decision that has proven to be a very wise one. They have provided me with exceptional service from virtual assistant support and with the social media management. Cant imagine not having them supporting my business now. Awesome service.
Richard Holtom
Prohas Ltd
Laura and Tamara recently started running the social media page for my business, and I can't recommend them enough! posts are well planned out, and researched and all available for me to review. I'll definitely continue to use the services on offer! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Liam Ward
Dive Sight Ltd
Laura and Tamara have been doing my Social Media posts for several months now. I honestly could not be happier with the quality of the content, graphics, the communication. Basically, everything has been spot-on. The team is great to do business with. If you are thinking of getting someone to take the headache out of this side of your business I would look no further than IT Moon, they are fab!
Laura Elliott
Laura Elliott Life Coach

How Does It Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the price of £240.00 we schedule to up to 4 platforms. 

You can choose between:

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin Personal
  • Linkedin Company
  • Google My Business

We can schedule posts to:

  • Linkedin Personal Page
  • Linkedin Company Page
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Google My Business

Like magic! Honestly I wish we could teach you how we do it. We are naturals at coming up with content and able to do so for any industry.

We put the hours in researching your business and industry to make sure that the content is suited to your ideal client.

Yes. Once the content has been created and scheduled. Provided your payments are up to date, the content is owned by you.

We don’t promise any stats. We haven’t yet found the magic that keeps us informed of how algorithms work – NO ONE KNOWS!

We guess at them but due to no solid answer on algorithms. We don’t offer any particular engagement or reach. This is down to you keeping engaged yourself on your chosen platforms.

You will always be able to see content at least 1 week ahead. Meaning you can let us know if you need any changes at all.

No! All posts are made unique to you! If we have anyone from the same niche, you’re assigned a content writer who isn’t currently writing for your niche.

Payments are taken by direct debit using GoCardless. If you would like to pay by other methods then you must agree this with us before hand. 

The contract is on a rolling month basis and can be cancelled with 14 days notice.

All our months run calendar month to month. For example if your social media started on 22nd March then it will run up to 21st April with the next month running to 22nd May.

No. You only have to do this if you want to do it. All content will be written and image created by the latest the Thursday before the start of the next week.

Some clients just like us to continue as we are and never check. Others like to check and suggest as we go.

No. We don’t send reports with statistics but will alert you of anything we notice.

No. We do the content, the image and the scheduling. The rest is up to you.

The purpose of the package is to make it that you don’t have to worry about having that daily post. 

You just have to show up and post extra posts when you want. Them in the moment pics/videos.

Check right at the top of the page for our current next dates.

Yes! We encourage you to make them in the moment posts and videos still. You aren’t banned from posting just because we are putting daily content out for you.