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Ready to plan your social media in less than 20 minutes?

“Using this system has made social media planning easy. No stress and even better, my VA is able to use the system too!”

fed up of social media taking too long?

All the gurus telling you to be consistent and plan social media?

It’s true! We need to be on social media to reach our audiences, we need to be consistent but it can easily become overwhelming, confusing and time consuming.

But Let me tell you this...

I’ve discovered the secret to making social media planning easy and something you actually want to do! 

I’m lifting the lid and I’m going to show you the EXACT method I use and give you the templates and all the knowledge to set everything up in under 20 minutes! No long setup. Simple and easy.

Laura Burnett


Trello for Social Media

Simple step-by-step course and templates to make social media planning easy and evergreen. All you need to do is schedule!

No Extras

You don't need to pay for anything to use this system. Everything used is free for you to use.

Quick Setup

In as quick as 20 minutes you'll have the whole setup done and be able to start saving time straight away.

Content Heaven

Social Media will never be hard for you again. You'll love posting and you'll never run out of content.

Making Tech Simple & Magical

Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Unlock everything you need to plan your social media!

Ready to use template with a super simple step-by-step guide to get up and running in 20 minutes.

All you need is a FREE Trello Account, the rest is included with the system!

How does this sound?


How It Works

Install Template

Use the provided template for Trello at a click of a button. Allowing you get started in seconds without any fuss.

Customise Your Plan

Decide what type of posts you want on your plan, drop in your logo and anything else you feel you need.

Add Automation

Follow the simple step by step videos to add automation to the Trello board, allowing you to have Evergreen content.

That’s it! Ready to go in under 20 minutes.



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