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You don't need to pay for anything to use this system. Everything used is free for you to use.

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You can setup the automation in less than 15 mins! The email writing will take as long as you want to spend on it.

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This will truly set you apart from anyone else in your industry. You'll leave your clients/customers WOWED!

Created By The Email Queen

Laura Burnett

Everyone LOVES to open my emails and this is one of the automations that has got me the results I have.

With a 40-60% average open rate, I know this works!

I’ve worked with clients with just 20 subscribers all the way to 200,000. What I teach has worked for every single one of them.

This isn’t outdated. It’s not 2020 news. It’s fresh and ready for you to use in 2021.

My track record of teaching tech and email marketing can be seen in all the testimonials around about me. Check them out.

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