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How To Get Started With Us

Learn or Sit Back?

Do you want to learn how to use tech confidently or let someone do all the tech for you?

Pick a Service

Depending on the answer to the previous question. You can now pick a service that is right for you.

Become Tech Confident

Watch yourself become more confident with technology BUT also knowing your business is running like clockwork.

How We've Helped Others

I'm so pleased I found Laura! Not only has she helped me with social media content which is really in-line with my coaching she has the best sense of humour which my kind of person to work with!! I am also currently taking part in her online email wizardry course and heck she knows her stuff!
Heather Lock
Heather Lock Online Fitness & Weight-loss
Cannot recommend Laura and IT Moon highly enough. Laura set up my website and systems so that it was more automated through calendly, zoom, zapier, paypal / stripe and active campaign. This has saved me so much time, energy and stress!
Liz Sharpe
Live Your Life Therapies

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Tech Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Laura Burnett

The online business world is ever evolving.

Each and every day, new technology is coming out and it means even more endless searching for solutions.

I have two big hates in my life. One is seeing people spend £1,000’s on custom systems – when they don’t need it. 


Number two – not using technology that is available because you feel you can’t learn it or it will cost you thousands to get someone else to do it for you.

Get The Support You Need

Power Hour

Get help with the tech side of your business. Maybe you need an online course setting up, your email system connecting to your website? Anything is possible.

Email Marketing

Don't get lost with email marketing and learn how to do it correctly while getting hand held through the annoying tech side of things. We have you covered.


Do you want a tech geek in your pocket? Someone to teach you how to handle the tech but also be there for when you need help for them issues?

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