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Ordinary... far from it

If you’ve ever worked with IT Moon you will know that we’re far from ordinary. We are business owners just like you which means we understand the ups and downs that comes with that.

When you come into our world – we’ll laugh, cry, rejoice and celebrate everything together.

You ALWAYS get our true selves and not someone hiding behind professionalism or trying to say the right words.

Just pure passion and determination to help your business succeed.

Meet the face of the business

Laura Thinking 1

Laura Burnett | Director

One thing we know about Laura is that she’s special and one of a kind. We’re quite certain that lot’s of people have said this about someone else or even themeselves but once you meet Laura, there is no denying it.

She is in the Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch by the Telegraph and Natwest for a reason.

When it comes to technology she is a natural tech geek. Meaning it doesn’t matter if she has never touched the software before… she’ll be an expert and better than someone who has used it for over a year in just minutes.

Her experience running 3 successful businesses has also meant she has all the strategy and marketing knowledge/experience to help our clients and our own business.

Shes one of a kind and… she loves Harry Potter (this will become very obvious if you stick around in our world).

People call her a ‘human computer brain’, ‘automation queen’, ‘Hermione Granger of Email Marketing’ and the ‘flowchart brain’. Work with us and you’ll soon learn why!

The Smiling Faces Behind The Screen

Laura & Alex Xmas 22

Alex Williams | Director

Alex is the one who you might not see at the front of the business but keeps the business running in the background as Laura’s business partner.

He was brought in to help the business be able to cope with the huge influx of clients as… we needed another Laura.

We actually didn’t think it was possible to find another natural tech geek like her but then… Alex came along!

He is amazing when it comes to technology and has a background in IT Support which helps us ensure that all our clients have a tech geek to hand.

Without Alex… the business wouldn’t have been able to grow and together him and Laura are the ultimate team.


Tamara Wordsworth | Design & Social Wizard

Tamara is magical when it comes to design and it problably came from the fact she’s actually a YouTube sensation!

All the social media graphics, lead magnets etc that are created for our clients and ourselves, are all by the hands of Tamara.

She has amazing skills when it comes to any creativeness and is always looking for new ways to improve our own and clients performance on social media.

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Ryan Anderton | Video & Podcast Magician

Digital marketing wouldn’t be successful without Video and that is why every team needs a Ryan.

He’s our in-house video editing who has the joy of listening to Laura’s Yorkshire accent on a weekly basis for her mini videos, YouTube and Podcast.

However, he also aids all our podcast clients in repurposing their podcast across multiple platforms and any video editing requirements that they may require.

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