Meet The Geeks

Coming Direct To You From The Moon

Ordinary... far from it

If you’ve ever worked with IT Moon you will know that we’re far from ordinary.

We are business owners just like you. Meaning we understand the ups and downs that comes with that.

When you come into our world. We’ll laugh, cry, rejoice and celebrate everything together.

Being us is what makes us special. No hidden professionalism behind the scenes. Just pure passion and determination to help you succeed in the world of tech.

IT Moon Team, Tamara Wordsworth and Laura Burnett

How We've Helped Others

I'd like to send a BIG shout out and whoop whoop to you Laura as you continue to grow and blossom your fledging business! I am so grateful to have you there in the background of my buisness for anytime I need a technical digital question answered or problem solved. You are my go to geek and I've been raving about you to anyone who will listen!
Tanya Lloyd
Personal Brand Expert
I had a power hour with Laura which led to me taking part in her email marketing wizardry course and I have since purchased other add-on courses and I highly recommend ALL of them. Laura has great technical know-how but most importantly she has great skill in translating that for those us who are not at all technical. The best investment in my business in the last 12 months by far!
Kat Derbyshire
HR Specialist

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The Smiling Faces Behind The Screen

Laura Burnett IT Moon


The tech geek that is Laura Burnett aka Automation Queen.

She has many addictions, including Harry Potter (the fact that a lot of our services have Wizardry in should give this away), pens, notebooks and TECH!

Her mind has been described as a ‘human computer brain’ and everyone always comments on her positive attitude towards any problem she faces.

If you need help with tech… she has you covered. 


Let’s clear one thing up… she sounds American but isn’t from America. We blame the fact she’s a YouTube sensation!

Tamara Wordsworth is the designer of the team. If it was left to Laura… well we 100% would look like a company ran by a 10 year old.

She has amazing skills when it comes to any creativeness and video editing that suit both our own needs as well as our clients.

If you’re on our Social Media Content packages, Tamara is the one who creates the amazing graphics you get.

Tamara Wordsworth IT Moon