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Running a business involves a LOT of moving parts and business hats. You know you want to delegate your jobs our but you don’t want to end up having a VA, Website person, a marketing pro etc.

Instead you want one team who knows your business inside and out.

A team who can help you with everything you need on the tech side and digital marketing.

That team is us and you can have us as your tech geek in your pockets. 

Sounds interesting? Have a read below what a typical week could look like for you and your business with us by your side.

Imagine If This Was Your Week...

It's Monday Morning...

You have a new service you want to launch which you thought of over the weekend. You know what you want to price it as, what it's called but... now you have to get it put together and out to the world so people can actually buy it.

You Go Into WhatsApp And...

Message the IT Moon team with details about your idea and that you need to get it out into the world. Can you setup a landing page, checkout and the product/service for me?

You sit back and you wait a moment.

Magic Happens!

Someone from the IT Moon team say yep no problem, we'll get onto it straight away just send us over the full details you have and we'll get it up and running.

By the end of Friday you have a landing page, checkout system and your service all setup and ready to go. You even have a launch all planned out with IT Moon, emails written, a waitlist page setup and you're ready to get your new service out into the world.

Or What About This...

Throughout the course of the month you’ve got bits and bats that you need doing in your business.

One day you needed to make a new article on your website. The next you wanted to send an email out to your list. Then you needed to have someone move your from one email marketing system to another. And then you bought some software that you need setting up and made ready to use.

Each time you just dropped  a message into the WhatsApp group you have with IT Moon and it was done, usually within 72 hours.

You got an invoice at the end of the month for the time spent which you always are shocked by how quickly the team did the work in and you repeat this everything single month.

Wouldn’t this be amazing? But is it a world that is a dream?

That world DOES exist

Laura Burnett IT Moon

We have a vast portfolio of 6 figure+ business owners who use us for this service every single day.

We pride ourselves in being a team that has every skill set required. A tech geek, marketing expert, video editor and even a graphics designer.

You don’t ever have to use us for all these skills but you can if you want to.

Not only that… we are the most friendliest, open and honest people you’ll ever meet.

Interested? Just book a call and let’s have a chat.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We don’t disclose everyone we work with due to privacy reasons but we can gurantee you will have heard about at least one of our clients if you’ve been in the business world even just a month.

Our clients range from small business owners all the way up to 7+ figure business owners.

One side note – WE ARE NOT VA’S

We are specialists in Tech and Digital Marketing

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