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Who is Our Expert?

Laura Burnett

Meet me – Laura aka Email Marketing Wizard. I’ve been using Mailerlite for a number of years now for my clients and LOVE how easy and simple to use it can be.

I help my clients in two ways. Number one, I can teach you how to use Mailerlite so that you don’t need to outsource the task yourself or to have a better understanding when you do outsource. Number two, I can just do the work for you.

Automations, Email Campaigns, Landing Pages, Improving delivery rate etc. You name it, I know it!

Learn How to Do It

EMW Offer

The Email Marketing Wizardry course is a fantastic way for you not only to learn how to use Mailerlite but to learn how to do email marketing.

This 6 module course tells you everything from signing up for an account all the way to have a full lead magnet setup with landing page, automation and email campaigns.

Join the Wizardry Hub

Join our membership – The Wizardry Hub which includes lots of courses on how to use Mailerlite such as creating a landing page.

Additionally, every week you get access to LIVE tech clinics where you can drop in and get direct help from me. Not just about Mailerlite but anything techy!

Let Me Do It For You

Book an Automation Power Hour

Book a Power Hour with me and let’s spend an hour inside Mailerlite, achieving whatever it is that you wish to achieve.

We could make a new group, landing page and automation to setup a new lead magnet.

Maybe you want to learn how to write some emails and get the next months content sorted.

Or maybe you need your email delivery rate improving and advice on the best strategy to do this.

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Done 4 You

Sometimes you just want someone to setup all your tech, automations and/or email marketing for you.

Limited availability for us to do the work for you is available.

Our Previous Work

Improving Delivery Rate

Our client came to us asking for help improving their email marketing as their emails hit the spam a lot and didn’t get opened.

We realised their email reputation was very low, 8 out 100 to be exact..

Within 3 months we got this 80 out 100! All by coming up with an email strategy that worked towards this goal.

Segments, regular emails, automations for new subscribers etc.

Lead Magnet Setups

For many of our clients we’ve created full lead magnet setups all from mailerlite. 

Landing page created, form, automation and the email campaigns that followed.

They didn’t even have to provide the content! We did every single step for them in the process.