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Top 3 Types of Lead Magnets that Work in 2022

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top 3 types of lead magnets that work in 2022
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What lead magnets will work in 2022?

We all know that lead magnets, are vital to any business. We understand the benefits of them. We know what they are.

If you don’t, you’re going to need to do that research and we have plenty within the membership, YouTube and within the website. However, you need to also know what lead magnets actually work. Do e-books still work now, that people are doing? Does a simple discount work? What is actually going to get you traction in 2022 and help you grow your audience?

I’ve got three different types of lead magnets that I have seen already in 2022 that are making a huge impact and having great success. Let’s have a look.

Mini-Course lead magnets

Number one, my favorite – mini courses. These are booming! By mini course, I do not mean we want to see you on camera for a full hour, doing a masterclass.

I’m a business owner. I do not have a spare hour to listen to somebody else and tell me something they could have told me in 10 minutes.

This is what I mean by a mini course. Split down whatever it is you want to teach somebody, whatever you want to show someone, into bite size videos. Make a course that will be half an hour max – these are the best mini courses.

Guides still work as a lead magnet

Number two. Guides – these are still working. 

They will always have a place in the lead magnet world, a guide on how to do X, Y, Z, such as I could create a guide on how to create a lead magnet. In that guide, I could go through step-by-step the little things that you need to do.

Then of course, lead it onto my upsell, which would be for if they want me to create there lead magnet for them.

Guides do work.

You want to make sure that you do have one, even if it’s not going to be your main lead magnet, because some people just prefer guides, but don’t want to watch a video. They don’t want to attend a live session. You need to meet all audience types.

They don’t want to get something such as like lots of templates. They just want to read something and learn. So guides are really great and still doing well.

They’ve done well ever since lead magnets got big. So a hundred percent guides for 2022.

Create a toolkit

Number three. Toolkits!

Toolkits are working amazingly, but with a toolkit, please don’t think that you can just put a few little things in and call it a toolkit.

It needs to be absolutely amazing. When you think of a toolkit, you need to think of something you would happily charge for.

How much would you charge if not giving it away for free? Is it actually worth hundreds of pounds, and I’m you’re going to give it to people for free, or for a low amount of.

You want to get one of them in your business, a toolkit, and you may sit there thinking yeah but I haven’t got like templates, so I can’t give loads of canva templates away it’s not just templates.

It could be a toolkit on how to deal with stress. I could create one of everything you need to create a lead magnet.

There’s so many things that you can do for your business. If you’re a PT, you could create a toolkit on how to lose weight.

And it could have videos in, mini little videos. It might have like a recipe guide.

It’s going to have more than one lead magnet within that toolkit and they do work amazingly.

Top 3 types of lead magnets

Let’s have a recap, three types of lead magnets  that work in 2022.

Number one mini courses, my old time.

Number two, all time favourite, guides.

Number three, toolkits.

We mean an ultimate toolkit, not just a tiny little thing with a little, few things thrown in there, get looking at your resources and get a toolkit out there.

Why do I need a lead magnet?

You need to have a lead-magnet in your business. If you don’t have one, you are going to get stuck behind the crowd.

Remember you do not own the data that is on social media. But you do own your email list. If you want an email list, you need a lead magnet otherwise – How else are you going to get them emails?

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