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How to Create a Lead Magnet and get it into the World

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What will you learn?

Ready to learn how to create a lead magnet and actually get it physically into the world.

I’m going to tell you the different steps that need to be taken from having a lead magnet idea and actually having physical sign-ups to your lead magnet.

So let’s get started.

Let’s have a look and let’s see how the magic comes to life.

Flow chart of the steps

First up, I want to show you this using a flow chart it’s the best way I can explain the whole process. So hopefully this is going to make sense to you and actually show you all the different steps that need to be taken.

lead magnet setup

Create a lead magnet

Of course we need to come up with the lead magnet idea, which you can check out one of our other videos to find out more about.

But, what about the software?

This will all depend on the type of lead magnet.

Masterclass = Vimeo or YouTube

E-Book = Create in Canva, store in Google Drive, Onedrive or your website.

Course = Membervault, Thinkific, Podia, Teachable

Waitlist = Activecampaign, Mailerlite

Remember, every lead magnet you create needs to be STORED somewhere.

For example, let’s say you create a PDF.

Then what you’re going to want to do is actually put that PDF into somewhere such as Google drive which is free.  unlisted video or Vimeo. 

Create a landing page

Once you’ve created and stored your lead magnet, it’s time to create a landing page.

What is a landing page?

This is a page like on a website, but it doesn’t have a menu bar at the top and only talks about ONE thing.

A super important part of landing pages is that they serve one purpose. You don’t want to advertise a lead magnet and then people get distracted, go off to other pages and never actually sign up for your lead magnet. Less distractions the better.

They come in all types of sizes landing pages. Here is an example of some of my own landing pages:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

A landing page, as you can see, can be as long or short as you want. 

Landing pages can be built in various locations. Your website for instance or by using a free landing page builder in Mailerlite.

The possibilities are endless as there is so much software out there to choose from.

Opt-In forms

As well as having a landing page, you can place opt-in forms in various places on your website. 

Such as if you click here you can see that we have a form half way down the page and at the very bottom.

These are what we call ‘Opt-in forms’ and are a great way to get people signed up to your email list when they visit your website through places such as Google or your social media bios.

Opt-In Form example

Create a thank you page

Next up we need a thank you page that people are redirected to once they’ve requested your lead magnet.

You should be telling them the next steps or even giving them the actual lead magnet here. Such as where the video might be hosted.

They are often under utilised thank you pages and you can really capture their attention by making an eye-catching landing page that makes them want to scroll down to the next step in your funnel. 

Into your email marketing system

Next up, we want their information that they’re typed into that form to go into our email marketing system. Now, there are only two email marketing systems I’ll ever recommend, and these are MailerLite because it’s free and when you get started it has all the features that you need, when you’re getting started with email marketing, automation, campaigns, landing pages, forms.

Then Active campaign. This is my recommendation for people who want to just start off using some software that’s going to grow with them as their business grows. People who’ve already got a decent sized business and they want to make sure they get started the correct way active campaign is the most powerful email marketing system out there and the most powerful when it comes to automation.

How an email marketing system would work is that their details would get added into an email marketing system and then it would send them a series of emails.

These emails would be the link or instructions on how to get your lead magnet and then you would lead them into the upsell. The next step of your funnel.


There you have it, that’s how you would get a lead magnet out into the whole world.

Nice and simple.

Once you get your head around it, of course there’s several steps involved, but just imagine though, once you’ve done it once. You have the amazing capability of just duplicating your funnel edit in, the images and the text for a new lead magnet, you can start creating more and more.

Want help getting your lead magnet into the world?

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